Happy Legs - Trail Running in Chamonix


I’m Lenka, a born and bred Slovakian who is truly, madly and deeply in love with her life.

I’m an ex-basketball player turned ultra runner happily ‘married’ to running (although there is no ring to prove it, yet). I also have a strong passion for all things Digital, Marketing and Sport related; when I’m not running I can be found blogging about it – RUN[ISTA] was born out of my love for running, mountains and outdoor. 

Marketing Athlete

When I’m not running I play my game as a Marketing Project Athlete in Freestak, the Endurance Sports Agency, Sport Influencer Community and Like the Wind Magazine. In my previous role, I headed up online marketing campaigns for a range of multinational clients in the highly competitive sport, education, technology, fashion and retail as well as highly niche industries. I’ve a wealth of experience in the creation and management of Social Media, SEO, PPC, and Email Marketing campaigns.

If you would like to get in touch feel free to drop me a message or tweet me @lenkaistvanova