Another Trail Running Weekend – Berghaus Trailchase

The next mission of the famous fantastic four was simply to explore the trails of North Yorkshire without getting lost.  Showtime – Berghaus Trail Chase – the weekend of 15-17th August was all about searching for a ‘preferably open’ shop/pub/restaurant (anywhere where they sell food) somewhere in North Yorkshire and some trail running, of course. Jen, Becs, Marina and I started our little ‘trail adventure’ on Friday evening to avoid getting up early and spending 4+ hours in the car on a race day.

Friday #TrailAdventure

Setting off just after 7pm we arrived just before midnight to our ‘hotel’ room at Leavendale Properties in Thornaby. At £60 a night, the room was surprisingly clean and big enough for the four of us. Steve, Alan and Dave prepared teas, coffees and some bars for us which was really kind.

Excellent accommodation and definitely recommend if you ever go (for whatever reason) to Thornaby!

Berghaus TrailChase - Thornaby Hotel - Runista

Saturday #TrailAdventure

It was good that the registration started at lunch time so we didn’t have to wake up too early and rush to the main base camp. Arriving at the main camp and sorting our registration and compulsory kit we decided to go and have some breakfast. What a big mistake that was! We sort of forgot the fact that we were in the middle of nowhere somewhere in the North – meaning that everything was closed. After spending a good half an hour in the car shuffling around hoping to find some sort of pub, restaurant or coffee shop we finally managed to find some local ‘North-style Costa’.

Thank god for Soreen loaf which was our pre-bfast while we were driving around looking for some pub.

Berghaus TrailChase - Day 1 - Soreen


Berghaus TrailChase - Day 1 - Marina eating Soreen

With spare 20mins we rushed back to the camp to get our bags checked and loaded.
Marina and Becs jumped into the first bus which took black course runner to their start line. Jen and I took the red course bus which brought us to our start line. Around 3pm we were swiftly released from the bus to start our race day #1 .

Berghaus TrailChase - Compulsory  Kit


Berghaus TrailChase - Compulsory  Kit and Map and Race Bib

The red course wasn’t so trail-y as I would expect and there were some road parts which I would leave out. I was feeling good and my legs were quite strong despite the fact that they won me my first ultra race by running 55+ miles last weekend.

Last 5K was really boring and I honestly didn’t know what to do or think about. I totally hated the last bit as we were running towards some massive antenna/mast. It was windy and the flat road was never ending. Seriously, I would rather run up and down the same hill a couple of times than run the last bit again. But around 6pm I was ‘home’ – base camp #2 where we stayed overnight.

Trail Running Weekend - Berghaus Trail Chase - Runista

Becs got lost on her course and did 44K instead of planned 30K – lol – I laughed so much, I somehow knew this was going to happen (sorry Becs)

Lovely dinner supported by live music and a BEER was really cool and reminded me of school trips. The only downside were missing showers. Going to bed without a hot shower wasn’t really my dream but we still made it through the night in one tent. (Marina – I still can’t understand how you washed your hair in a sink with cold water only!? #ShowerHero)

  • Low points: no showers, race course (last 5K, road part and not many hills)
  • High points: race organisers & volunteers, dinner, home-made cakes and BEER, my legs
  • Saturday Race – Target – 25K, ran – 27K

Sunday #TrailAdventure

On the Day 2 of this crazy Trailchase we all set off around 9pm depending on the time we arrived in the yesterday’s race. My red course was a bit better than yesterday’s one. But…there was a problem with the marking as some proper loser removed them during the night so the first runners got completely lost and had to be picked up and transported to the finish line. I got lost too, luckily I was with a group of runners so they checked the route with the map. I felt good and my legs were fresh too so it was a good Sunday morning run, could be more hilly tho.

Trail Running Weekend - berghaus Trail chase - Runista_Day 2

Trail Running Weekend - berghaus Trail chase - Runista - Day 2

All four of us managed to get to the finish line in one piece  which I think was quite impressive.

  • Low Points: Marking, more hills
  • High Points: Weather, free food at the base camp after the race
  • Sunday Race: Target – 15K, ran 17K

My Race Results

I managed to finish 7th female and 21st overall which is not so bad. I definitely need to do more hill training, especially some steep hill reps in Ally Pally and Box Hill.

Here’s our Freestak video

Berghaus Trail Chase 2014 from freestak on Vimeo.


Berghaus TrailChase - Trail Running Weekend_Runista - race course Berghaus TrailChase - Trail Running Weekend_Runista. Berghaus TrailChase - Trail Running Weekend - Runista



Have you run the Berghaus Trail Chase too? What do you think, will you do it again next year?

Lenka Istvanova

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