Ice Ice Baby – My Mongolia Adventure

About this time last year (September 2015) I said YES to one crazy adventure in Mongolia. Five months later and I found myself running on a frozen river, in -40C and in an area heavily populated by wolves.

As Amelia Earhart rightly pointed out…

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

The best 10 days of my life. Adventure of a lifetime… or whatever you call it. This was truly a trip that changed my life. Challenge, tough, amazing, brutal, wild, life-changing, scary, adventure, cold, eye-opening are the ten words that sum up this experience perfectly.

It wasn’t easy, lots of ups and downs (and twisted ankle) prior to our departure but it was all worth it. 

Mongolia Adventure - Running on A Frozen River - running with Lucja and Marina

Mongolia Adventure - Running on A Frozen River - marathon

Excitement, euphoria, ultimate happiness – all words that best describe the feelings I get whenever I cross the finish line of a challenging race. The kind of race I’m not even sure I can finish. I crave those feelings.

I collect feelings like someone collects stamps or race medals.

…With only three weeks to go I had none of the kit and a very limited knowledge of what I’d actually need. My fear levels roared. To put it bluntly, I was shitting myself. Even a week before, I was still trying to source the necessary items. It was at this point I began to question things; mainly why I had agreed to do it in the first place. This was not a good place to be. But, as with so many events I’d done before, I knew deep down that if the race was easy and stress-free, there would be no point doing it. I’ve run in the rain, on the road, on trails, on pathways, in the snow, in the sand and up the mountains but running on a frozen river was new to me. This wasn’t just any kind of river either. The Tuul river, also called Khatan Tuul (“Queen” in Mongolian), is sacred to Mongols…

This is an excerpt from my article published in the Issue #9 of Like the Wind Magazine. If you fancy reading my full story and other inspirational and motivational stories from all sorts of runners head over to their website and grab yourself a copy. You won’t regret it! 

Like the Wind Magazine, p. 79, Issue #9 

My Mongolia Adventure - Ice Ice Baby - Like the Wind magazine

Words by me, Photos by amazing Johnny Graham


Mongolia Adventure - Running on A Frozen River - drinking beer half way

Mongolia Adventure - Running on A Frozen River - before finish


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