My New Challenge – Stefanik Trail 2015 – 140K – 4 UTMB Points

Today this sh*t got real… I’ve entered my toughest challenge yet – Stefanik Trail 2015 aka 140K trail race in my home country – Slovakia…Yeah that’s how I roll (errr…maybe not). I’ve done many miles back home but I’ve not actually raced there yet so this will be my first one…

I’ve been meaning to do this race since the very first time I’ve heard of it so 2015 here I come. Obviously I consulted this with my ‘newly appointed’ coach Simon Freeman who said I could do it. I actually suggested he could go with me – a good preparation for his UTMB in August 2015 – he didn’t say NO so let’s hope.

Race Profile

Although it’s still a quite new race (the first one was in 2012) the profile looks rather scary – 140 KM / +5041 m / – 5404 m

So yeah, big sh*t coming my way…look

Stefanik Trail 2015 - Race Profile - Runista


And that’s not all #1 –  I’ve checked last year’s results and in 2013 there were only 4 females racing and only 2 crossed the finish line. Cool beans! And that’s not all #2 – in order for me to get 4 UTMB points I need to finish it in under 28 hours 30 minutes. Or under 31 hours 30 minutes to get the status FINISHER… chill

The second best thing (after the fact that it’s in Slovakia) is the price – €28 – Sweet! So if you’re up for doing it with me let me know 🙂

All in all, I’m actually pretty excited and can’t wait to start training for it. I haven’t told my parents yet – I’m sure my mum will freak out at first but she is a pretty damn good runner and ex-professional Cross country skier so she will run some parts with me in the end. Or at least I hope so as she used to be my PT when I played basketball and boy she is a tough coach. I’ve got a couple of 30, 50 and 70 miles races lined up including Pilgrim’s challenge, Transvulcania Ultramarathon and a few other races as well as some climbing in Spain and a lot of cycling.

So yeah here I’m facing my next adventure and with 6 months to go I’d better go and shoot myself get training.

Lenka Istvanova


  1. Wow. Na 5 sekund som si myslela, ze by som to mohla dat s tebou a potom som si spomenula, ze som nikdy nebehala mimo cesty a uz vobec nie po kopcoch a uy duplom nie po slovenskych kopcoch. Ale v 2015 jednoznacne dam nejaky ultramaraton tu v UK. A teraz hor sa do Richmond Parku trenovat. Drzim palce. xxx

    • Caf Barbora, diikez za coment! Oh super hybaj so mnou- neboj zvladneme nejake 🙂 Zijes v Londone?

      • Hej v Londyne. Na Stefanika sa fakt zatial necitim, ale zato sa chystam na Trailscape South v januari na polmaraton pre zaciatok a potom uvidime.

        • Super – ja som Trailscape ambassador takze sa tam vidime 🙂 Musime dat stretko po tom 😉 (Poslala som ti maila)

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