Thunder Running for 24 Hours

It’s really interesting how 140 characters can influence your life (or at least some moments).  In my case, the below tweet from Leah changed (and email from Josie) my plans for the last weekend in July;

After completing London Enduro 12 hour race with amazing group of gals (Josie, Liz, Hannah and Polly) I was well up for it! I was #allin24

Running 10K loops for 12+ hours has always fascinated me…erm maybe not the first time I’ve heard about such races but it got me eventually.

You will definitely enjoy these type of races as…

  • you meet great people
  • you meet great people who share the same passion for running
  • you have a lot of fun
  • and you run, run and run

What’s not to like about that, right?! The very first Thunder Run #TR24 happened back in 2009 when only around 200 runners decided to give it a go. Since then the concept of non-stop running for 24hours has attracted more and more people every year. The 6th year of Thunder Run saw over 3,000 determined runners including our #Thunderbabes team. Fully sponsored by Adidas and powered by Josie’s jaffa cakes, we were totally ready to rock the 10K trail course. And boy we did and smashed it and came 77th of 228!

The Thunder Run Dream Team

Starring: Katy, Leah, Josie, Emma, Jen, Becs, David and me

Adidas Thunder Run 2014 - The Dream Team - Thunderbabes

The MVP list for Thunder Run included some big names such as Leah, Becs, Katy, Josie, Jen and me. Each of us ran minimum of 3 laps, with Becs, Jen and me doing 4 laps so in total we managed to run 25 laps! Yes..that’s 25 times 10K which equals 250KM in 24 hours.

Despite the Sahara-type heat in the first 4 hours, I really liked the course! Our playground for the whole Saturday and Sunday morning was trail with some nice hilly parts as well as some technical bits. Running in the night is always fun as long as you have a proper head torch. After running the London Enduro 12H with a very tiny head light, I upgraded to Led Lenser torch which is basically a ‘portable sun’ (no kidding).

Who would thought that a good strategy is the holly grail in these type of races. Well, we’ve kindly stolen the ‘pair concept’ from the first Adidas team where 2 people run 4 laps and so on. So Becs did the 1st and 3rd lap and me 2nd and 4th and then we handed over to the second pair and so on. It really worked well although this way Becs and me were exposed to the Sahara-heat the most. I can proudly say that I sweated the hell out of me! And the kids with water guns were my saviours…I’ve never ever in my life have imagined that I would scream and shout ‘Shoot Me Please’ while running…I suppose another ‘first’ …

The lap #24

Everyone on the team did really well and I think the best moment of all our efforts was the lap #24, I call it the Jen’s and Leah’s lap. Lots of tactics and talks were going on prior to this lap as we were still in chance of hitting the 250K mark. Now every lap had to be spot on time so we could make the 25th lap just in time. David, the only male in our team did his lap in 49minutes which was exactly on target. Then, Jen and Leah were next with the goal of running the lap in under 75 minutes.

Last changeover from Dave and they were on their way…We were all praying for them…The official TR24 Stop watch was showing 23:55 and we all started to feel massively nervous as we couldn’t see them…23:56 we’ve spotted them on the last hill and started shouting at Becs to get ready…23:59 and 20seconds they crossed the line…we were safe! And Becs was on the way to run our 25th lap…Life is great!!!

Adidas Thunder Run 2014 - The lap #24 - Jen and Leah

 Drugs Medals and Alcohol

I honestly think that finishing in style is also very crucial…so once we collected our well-deserved stop watch lookalike medals, (by the way, what a great design idea) it was time for some bubbles…

Adidas Thunder Run 2014 - The Dream Team - Finish


Adidas Thunder Run 2014 - Team photos - adidas team

Adidas Thunder Run 2014 - Team photos

Adidas Thunder Run 2014 - Josie partying

Adidas Thunder Run 2014 - Katy partying

Adidas Thunder Run 2014 - Drinking Champagne

Adidas Thunder Run 2014 - Finish Line - Champagne

Thunder Run Race recaps from the Dream team members;

 I totally loved this weekend and wouldn’t mind having every weekend like this one xxx






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