Trail Running Is Coming To London!

I think I’ve had enough of road running…it really doesn’t do it for me anymore; it’s boring for me at the moment. I come from mountains so I do miss them a lot; I miss hills, nature, fresh air and trails! Yeah I know, there are no mountains here in London where you could do some proper trail running. Scotland is still quite far unless you want to spend a couple of hours on train or pay more and fly over there. Well, we can’t have it all, right?

Trailscape - Rail To Trail - Trail Running Series in LondonHowever, Hannah and John over at Trailscape have a solution for anyone who is up for swapping road running for some trail racing. The main idea behind Trailscape was to enable runners from all backgrounds to be able to experience the buzz of trail running. And that’s how the Trailscape was born!

Moving from Southampton to London meant that I lost my easy access to the lovely trail in New Forest and Isle of Wight. So when I first heard of  Trailscape I was hooked straightaway.

Trailscape –  The ultimate trail running series

Trailscape or the Rail to Trail series offers 4 easily accessible trail runs, all within an hour by train of London! Yes you read it right – only 1h by train – trust me I checked it. The 4 locations are Newport, Cuxton, Ashurst and Wendover yeah they’re all within a stone’s throw of London. And the best think is that the races’ start lines are only short walk from train station so no you don’t have to book a taxi or catch another train or bus to actually get to the race.

Trailscape - Rail To Trail - Trail Running Series in London - Nort, East, South, West

In each loaction you’ve got choice of 3 distance; 10K, half or a full marathon BUT on a trail so it’s going to be definitely tougher than if you were to do these distances on a road. These runs are through some stunning countryside, over varying terrain and Hannah and John aim to show you that trail running is not beyond the reach of city folk.

I’m very lucky and happy to be an ambassador for Trailscape races as this is the type of races I love. For me it’s not so much about actual ‘racing’ but rather about being outside in the nature enjoying the terrain!

Mandatory Kit

If you decide to run half or full marathon you will need to sort yourself out with a compulsory kit which is common for trail races, so no worries.

Here’t what you will need;

  • Long sleeve outer layer or waterproof jacket
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Whistle – I’ve got this one which comes even with compass (you know, just in case as I always get lost)
  • Foil blanket – you can easily get it from any good outdoor shop or amazon here
  • Hydration: minimum 500ml
  • Mobile phone (required for all runners) + don’t forget some waterproof case if your backpack is not waterproof
  • Money
  • Hat/head gear
  • Energy bars/snack bars

North – Newport, Essex – 18.10.14 (Saturday)

The first race of the series is up North in Essex, baby! I’ll be running the half marathon distance. The return ticket from London Liverpool Street is less than £12, bargain! So what are you waiting for? Come and run it with me!

More info and to register click here

Trailscape series - North - Newport, Essex - Trail Running

East – Cuxton, Kent – 29.11.14 (Saturday)

More info and to register click here

Trailscape series - East - Cuxton, Kent - Trail Running

South – Ashurst, East Sussex – 10.01.15 (Saturday)

More info and to register click here

Trailscape series - South - Ashurst, East Sussex - Trail Running

West – Wendover, Buckinghamshire – 21.02.15 (Saturday)

More info and to register click here

Trailscape series - West - Wendover, Buckinghamshire - Trail Running


I will be running all of the races so I will hopefully see you there. Feel free to ‘scream and shout’ at me 🙂

Do you like trail running? What do you think of the idea behind Trailscape? Are you thinking of signing up for one of the races if not all of them? 

Lenka Istvanova


  1. This sounds pretty cool. I am a pretty committed road runner (there’s something about cities), but it would be fun to try some accessible trails! My only question – shoes, are these trails doable with standard running shoes, or would I need to invest in something specifically for trail?

    • Hi Bethan,
      Thank you very much for your comment. On Saturday was the first race of the series and it was a great race, perfect for a newbie trail runner. It was really muddy so definitely invest in some trail shoes. I would recommend Salomon Xscream as they’re perfect for city trail – made for road and trail. I have them and they’re really comfy and the grip is good.
      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

      PS: I will write up a race review with photos so you keep an eye for that one 🙂

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