The day my body shut down…#exhaustion

Last Tuesday my body simply shut down…I would call it total exhaustion. I guess my 4-day long appearance at my best friend’s wedding didn’t help either. Well, let’s be honest non-stop dancing, drinking & and generally having fun on only 4hour sleep a day it’s not the best recipe for a healthy life.

This however wouldn’t be a problem a couple of years ago BUT taking into account my rather busy schedule full of work and races over the weekends I should have expected this to happen. I’m actually quite surprised it didn’t happen earlier…

I felt dizzy and very weak with no appetite whatsoever. Fever attacked my body in the afternoon and didn’t disappear until 3am.  I’m not a fan of normal medication, aspirin and ibuprofen are the only meds I store. You can try to prove me wrong but I strongly believe that garlic, lemon and onion will always save you and cure any illness.

The power of Coca-Cola

My housemate freaked out a bit and wanted to call an ambulance – I seriously wasn’t that bad, she just over-exaggerated things a little bit. She gave me some stronger pills which helped for a bit and I managed to eat some pasta but after a couple of hours I was back to ‘normal’. At around 2am I luckily remembered my mum saying that she was once told to have a glass of normal coca-cola. So I tried and had a pint of coca-cola and ….at 7am I woke up like nothing happened. I thought I would never say this in my life but Thank God for Coca-Cola!!!

So if in doubt or, if you have a fever and medicine stopped working…

Runista - Have a coke when you have a fever

I did a little bit of research and actually found a lot of articles about Coca-Cola and its magic power to cure illnesses (Lol). It has been known to work for the initial stages of fever or heatiness.

So here’s a list of illnesses Coke can cure;

So there you have it! Now go and get rid off all the crapy over-the-counter medication and stack up on bottles or cans of Coke!

Yoga is the way to speedy post race recovery

However,  the worst thing of being ill that Tuesday was that I couldn’t go to my yoga session. I’ve started yoga-ing since I moved to London back in June. I joined Bowes Park Yoga – Tuesday session of Vinyasa yoga run by amazing Rachel. The classes are literally 1 minute walk from my office and home so perfect location and price too (£6 per session!).

Runista - Yoga practising

After a few sessions I could see a big improvement; I started to remember all those funny names of the poses – crow, downward/upward dog, child pose…all day long. A session after session my body composition improved and I do walk with my back straight and not like a looooser…

Plus I think my race recovery time shortened thanks to my Tuesday yoga-ing. The day after I won my first Ultra and a couple of other long distance races I had no soreness or pain.

Since my first ever class I’ve never missed a session until…that bloody Tuesday. I was extremely gutted! I took up on yoga to help me stay away from injuries as I had a few last year. I do keep forgetting to do my stretching after my runs, especially the long ones…(yes judge me – I know, I’m stupid). Since I’ve started I’ve not had a injury (touch wood) and boy I’ve trained and raced a lot; often logging 50+ miles a week with no days off apart from Tuesday Yoga evenings.

Runista at Yoga Class

Runista at Bowes park Yoga class


Kale is the boss

Speaking of the things that I think improve my running, I can’t forget to mention my secret to a super-happy life 🙂 – I eat a lot of kale, tons of it! So I guess the combination of Yoga-ing and Kale eating has definitely helped (or I’d like to believe so) my post-race recovery times and overall health. Plus it’s the only veg with its own campaign (lol) – Come on, join the ‘Discover Kale‘ campaign

Benefits of Kale - Runista

Some key benefits of Kale – just so you know;

  • 1 portion (80g) of cooked kale contains 120mg of calcium – so if you’re vegan or on a dairy free diet, you can get your daily calcium shot in kale
  • Kale is rich in lutein – an anti-oxidant which helps keep the eyes healthy. Kale contains 76mg lutein per kg, compared to broccoli which has 17mg. Daily recommendation of lutein is 6-10mg
  • A portion (80g) of cooked kale contains 448µg Vitamin A which plays a supporting role in maintaining normal skin and vision, and helps the immune system to function normally
  • Gram for gram kale contains 17 times more vitamin C than carrots. A portion (80g – half of the bag from Asda or Morrisons) of cooked kale contains 57mg of vitamin C which is important because it plays a role in the formation of collagen for blood vessels, bone, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth; supports the immune system to work normally; increases iron absorption and plays a role in protecting the cells from oxidative damage
  • Raw kale is an excellent source of vitamin K 
  • Kale is virtually fat free and low in calories

I eat Kale everyday always adding it to my lunches as well as dinners. You can’t really go wrong with a Kale+egg omelette or Kale+sweet potato salad!

What about you? What do you think help you stay away from injuries? Have you tried coke to cure an illness?

Lenka Istvanova

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