Stop Making Excuses And Put On Your Hard Hat

Skip those excuses and put on your hard hatI think 99.9% of all promotional and ‘fitness/sport/health’ orientated emails I receive are not read or are deleted. However, the emails from Nerd Fitness and Nic’s Nutrition are the ‘lucky’ ones I actually bother to open and scan through (at least); they are really well written and I often find some great pearls of wisdom in them.

A wonderful email from Nerd Fitness has recently entered my mailbox; it talks about motivation and how to do something especially on those I-don’t-want-to-do-anything days. Total spot on! Steve Kamb, the author, recommend putting your ‘hard hat’ on to overcome those ‘shitty’ days.

Okay, so what does it mean it practice? I will skip the the explanation and all the stories behind it (it was really a looong email) and share with you the important stuff.  So when you struggle to do anything, I’m pretty damn sure that even Usain Bolt aka Boltminator has those days, you need to ‘put on your hard hat’ and do this:

How To Put On Your Hard Hat

Another way to overcome this is to think about how you’re going to feel afterwards. I’ve never ever felt worse than before I went for a run or swim. And, so have Dean Karnazes, the Ultramarathon Man. In one of his books he stated that when he struggles he always thinks about how good he will feel afterwards. Well, I think he’s got the magic, right?!

Dean’s words of wisdom:

dean's words of wisdom


So get out of your comfort zone and ‘do something’ rather than sticking to the easy, super comfortable and unhealthy ways.


Steve has actually created #HardHatChallenge where he will be posting updates all month on his Twitter account (@SteveKamb).


How do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like it? Would love to hear some of your tips and hints 🙂


PS: If you’re really into endurance running (or any running) I highly recommend Dean’s books. They are very easy to read plus he’s the man who took up on running while he had a proper full-time job (and kids, too!). So, he is one of us. Below are my top three from him (I bought the used versions for £2, bargain!)

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