#MyChurch – Trail Running Mecca of Europe

Some people go to visit famous Churches around the world.

I too.

They might look slightly different but they’re all sacred places in their own sense…

Mont Blanc massif, never-ending hills, twisty tracks in forests, valleys, creeks and gullies, alpine meadows…the Church of Chamonix’s got it all. And not only that – the famous Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and its sister races (CCC, OCC, TdS) were all born here. Thanks to the uber perfect conditions for mountain running and widespread media coverage of those events Chamonix has become the go-to place for all trail runners.

I too love this place.

Maybe too much.

When I first visited this trail running heaven I promised myself that I’d come back every year even if it’s just for a few days. One year later and here I was again. We decided to launch our Like the Wind Issue #6 here, right in the centre of the trail running Mecca of Europe. I was more than ready to spend 10 whole days in this Church called Chamonix where you wake up with a view of Mont Blanc every single morning.


If you’ve never been to here then you must add this place to your travel list, especially if you’re into trail running. Book soon enough and you can get yourself some bargain flights (£60 return) and accommodation. 

Join me in Chamonix in 2016

Also, we’re organising Like the Wind trail running camp here in 2016 – there’ll be films, talks, guided runs and, of course, plenty of cheese! So if you’re interested in having some fun in the mountains next summer make sure you sign up to our Newsletter 

Chamonix Church 

The first 3 days we spent by only running and enjoying the trails, mountains, fresh air, silence. No laptops, no internet (at least me), no emails – just a little running pack with with our essentials for two nights and three days.

Here’s what the Chamonix Church looks like… 

Getting Lost in the mountains - Trail Running in Chamonix

The Amazing View from Trail Running in Chamonix

The best run with the best view – Thank you MB!

The Best Run with The Best View - Trail Running in Chamonix

The Mont Blanc view - Trail Running in Chamonix

Happy Legs - Trail Running in Chamonix

Happy Legs 2 - Trail Running in Chamonix

There is always time for yoga, especially when you’re in the mountains! 

Yoga Pose - Trail Running in Chamonix


The Amazing View from Trail Running in Chamonix

Trail Running in Chamonix - to Tret de La

Trail Running In Chamonix

Things to do when you arrive at Refuge de Tre la Tete after hours of running in the mountains…
Step 1: Sit down
Step 2: Fall down

Fun at Refuge de Tre la Tete - Chamonix

Fun at Refuge de Tre la Tete in Chamonix

The best ever running track…

Best Athletics Track is in Chamonix 

It wasn’t only about running… A killer kettlebell session with Charley (The Mountain Foundry) underneath the Mont Blanc

Kettlebell Session with Charley - The Mountain Foundry



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    • Will keep you posted! When we were chatting if people would come I mentioned you as one of the first people who would come 100% 😉

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