100 Reasons Why I Run

It’s not how to run, it’s why we run. (by Like the Wind Mag)

Why do you run? Why do you run long distances? Whenever I tell someone I like running for long hours I get asked the same question. NO – I don’t run long distances because I’m fcking mental. Quite the opposite – running keeps me sane.

But there is more to it.

Why I Run - 100 Reasons To Run - Runing with Adidas

Adidas Photoshoot for #GreatestRunEver campaign

Whenever I lace up my trainers there is a reason behind it. Every single time the ‘why’ changes. I’ve decided to start writing my ‘whys’ down just to see if I can come up with 100 reasons why I run. 

Why I Run - 100 Reasons To Run - Adidas running

Adidas Photoshoot for #GreatestRunEver campaign

Here’s my list so far… 

I run because I can

I run because I love it 

I run to stay sane

I run to feel better

I run to forget 

I run to dream

I run to runaway from problems, people, decisions…

I run to hide

I run to lose weight

I run to train and stay fit

I run so I can run more

I run to smile

I run so I can cry

I run to solve problems

I run to meditate

I run because I have to… sometimes 

I run to stop thinking and to stop overthinking stuff

I run because that’s what my training plan says

I run to de-stress

I run to relax

I run to find solutions 

I run to come up with new ideas

I run to explore new places, cities, parks…

I run because my friend asked to me to run with her/him

I run to feel  

I run because I love being in the mountains, on the trails, outdoors

I run to figure out what to do with my life (Monday 25 July)

I run to train for my next adventure in Nepal – running around Manaslu and Anapurna


… to be continued


Why do you run? Why do your friends, dad, mum, colleague run? Ask them…

Lenka Istvanova

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