A Must-See Theatre Show About Running In London – Can You Hear Me Running

Do you love running? Yes?! Then you simply must go and see this amazing theatre show about running – ‘Can You Hear Me Running?‘. It’s a play based on the real life experience of Louise Breckon Richards, a performer who lost her voice to a rare condition and decided to overcome it by running the London Marathon.  

Can You Hear Me Running is a story about Louise’s struggle to fix her broken voice and run a marathon

Can You Hear Me Running


In the play, we follow Louise Breckon-Richards telling her own story of losing her voice and finding solace in running. An actress and singer, the mum-of-two is struggling with the enforced silence in the weeks of voice rest she’s prescribed – a restriction of personal expression that doesn’t sit well with her outgoing personality. Skillfully leaping back and forth between childhood anecdotes, teenage dreams and present tense, Louise takes us on an emotional ride through loss of purpose, hopelessness and endorphin-fuelled, exhilarating runs.
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Find out whether the London Marathon brought back Louise’s voice…

2-for-1 tickets for all performances during opening week (until Sunday 9th) and matinees of 13th and 20th October using code 241RUN at checkout.

// Twitter: @canyouhearmerun
// TICKETS: Buy online HERE
// LOCATION:  Pleasance Theatre, Carpenters Mews, North Road, London, N7 9EF

Can you Hear Me Running - A Must See Theatre Show In London.


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