Make Your Dream Happen – #ClaimFreedom

What’s your outdoors dream? Isn’t it time you make it happen? 

Back in September I was invited to spend two days in the Dachstein mountains in Austria to find out more about Adidas Outdoors’ latest campaign called #ClaimFreedom. It was a great event and I had a chance to meet top hikers, climbers, boulders, mountaineers and trail runners from all around the Europe.

Adidas Outdoor Claim Freedom Campaign Launch In Austria

Adidas Outdoor Claim Freedom Campaign pre-launch in Austria

It was all top-secret and we didn’t really have a clue what the event was all about. Until the we saw this campaign video…


The latest global Adidas Outdoor campaign, #ClaimFreedom it’s a brilliant project which will turn someone’s biggest dream into reality.  If you love the outdoors and want to do something truly amazing and inspiring this is your chance. 

Adidas Outdoor athlete, Sam Sutton’s got the perfect explanation to what Claim Freedom is about;

Every Outdoor enthusiast dreams of that ultimate lifestyle, that lifestyle that would let them roam the globe whilst doing their sport. Claim freedom is that opportunity! It is exactly what it says. No more sitting in an office answering to your ungrateful boss, claim freedom will take you to the most remote regions of this earth and enable you to be the person you can be.

Your project can involve any of the outdoor activities including kayaking, skiing, climbing, trail running, mountaineering and more. Perhaps you want to run up and down all of the mountains in your country or you’ve got a more exotic idea… It’s totally up to you. Dream big, go crazy and turn your ‘wannabe adventurer’ into a sponsored outdoor athlete status. 

// 1 // One person will become the next Adidas Outdoor Athlete

// 7 // Out of all applications, Adidas will pick and realise seven projects 

// 100 // One hundred people will win gear from Adidas and its partners

Become the next adidas Outdoor athlete – Take your notepad and start planning, creating and crafting – application process closes on December 14th, 2015!!! What have you got to lose?



Lenka Istvanova

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