Photo Essay – The Best Time Of The Year Through Running

A picture is worth a thousand words… 

For me, photographs act as a warehouse where I store my memories and feelings. No one can capture the moments and emotions without saying a single word better than the photos. Uber-powerful, that’s how I’d call them. A photograph has the power to do infinitely more than document. It can transport us to unseen worlds (Robert Draper). And not only that; images have this unique ability to spark an action, motivate, move, bring a solution.

I often find myself stumbling across Instagram looking for pictures that would inspire me to do the ‘thing’ I should do but feeling unmotivated to do it. It’s weird but whenever I can’t be bothered to go for a run, (yes, this happens to me too) I turn to photos. The pictures of runners, mountains and trails have this motivating effect on me.

That’s why I love ‘reading’ photo essays, stories and books. Sometimes even more than the written stories.

This is a photo essay about the best time of the year, Christmas but from a slightly different angle. From #MyChurch.


[Photo Essay]

The first outing since my injury… An easy lunch run with my dad and Hugo

Trail Running In Slovakia - Running with my dad

Trail Running in Slovakia - First run with my dad and hugo

Trail Running In Slovakia - Running with my dog

Trail Running In Slovakia - Running with my dog 2


The first few days – sunny but sadly no snow 

Trail Running in Slovakia - Adidas Terrex Boost

Trail Running in Slovakia - Velicna

Trail Running In Slovakia

TRX Workout at home in the garden - Slovakia

Trail Running In Slovakia - Adidas Terrex Boost 2

Two days in the Slovakian mountains called Mala Fatra. We couldn’t wish for a better weather – clear skies, sun and no wind. 

Trail Running In Slovakia - Route Planning

Trail Running in Slovakia - Mala Fatra - Velky Krivan

Trail Running In Slovakia - Mala Fatra - Rozsutec

Trail Running in Slovakia - Mala Fatra - Stoh

Trail Running In Slovakia - Vysoke Rohace view

My family tradition – continuous 6K hill run followed by a tea, some food and a typical shot plus a run down the ski piste.


Trail Running in Slovakia - My Xmas Tradition - Hill run with family

Trail Running in Slovakia - Xmas Tradition

Trail Running in Slovakia - My mum

And the last run…

Trail Running in Slovakia - Orava - Velicna

Trail Running In Slovakia - Orava - Dolny Kubin

Trail Running In Slovakia - Orava - Velicna bridge


“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” [Karl Lagerfeld]

How was your Christmas?



Lenka Istvanova

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