Support Outdoor Women, Support Oxygen

Calling all outdoorsy women out there, let’s make this change happen together! 

Latest post on Emelie Forsberg’s Facebook page about a project called Oxygen immediately caught my attention. The stats she shared were shocking and I still can’t believe that;

  • Over 8% of girls will quit sport before they turn 17
  • Female athletes receive 0.5% of the sponsorship and prize money (!!!)
  • Male dominated pro-sport makes up 98% of all TV sports coverage while the most widely practiced sports, your sport, receives little to no exposure
  • In 2015, young girls are still not allowed to play some sports 

The Oxygen project aims to help address these issues by creating a film about outdoor sports empowered by women. The movie will show extraordinary role models that inspire girls to stay in sport-for-life and pursue professional success. It’s all about creating and spreading this message to as many young girls as we can. Can you help? I’m in and I’ve backed the project. You can do so too HERE

Let’s spread the message…

Oxygen Movie Trailer

Lenka Istvanova

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