Weekly Top Finds – 22 November

What do you do when you can’t run? Thanks to recent happenings in my running schedule I had a bit of extra time on my hands which meant more surfing on Internet, learning new things as well as procrastinating. I’ve managed to sort out my life a bit, go to these great events (SheSays Momma Launch and The North Face ‘DEGREESNORTH’ movie premiere) and stumbled across a few great things. I didn’t expect this week to be so great! 

Top Finds // Cool Stuff

I also had more time for writing and I decided to start collecting my weekly Top Finds in a blog post. 

Here is your first weekly dose of  TOP FINDS ,” a list of what I’m enjoying or pondering at the moment. 

Learning new skills with Lynda

It was about time I learn something new and handy for my work. As I’ve always wanted to design my own t-shirts, logos and illustrations I decided to give Adobe Illustrator a go. Lynda.com offers tons of great courses and tutorials on everything and although it’s paid you can try it for 10 days for free. Same for Adobe – you can test any of the creative software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc for free for 30 days.

So go ahead and learn something new and improve your skill-set.

Cool New Running and Fitness Tights

A bit of night Instagram-ing at 1am and look what I found! L.O.V.E.

I Can, I Will – I WANT!!!


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Brilliant project – CRACK + CIDER

If, like me, you walk past London’s rough sleepers and feel sad and hopeless, CRACK + CIDER might be the solution. It’s the world’s first shop for the homeless. Instead of giving them money, you can buy useful items which will be delivered directly to a rough sleeper just in time for Christmas.  I wish there were more Scarletts and Charleys (the girls who founded C+C) in this World…  So go ahead and do good this Christmas. 

Comfort Zone Challenges

In the first days of being unable to run (bloody sprained ankle) I craved for some inspirational/motivational videos that would lift my mood a bit and distract me from feeling down. Thank God for TEDx talks – what would I do without you?  I somehow ended up watching the below talk from Till about overcoming own fears and stepping outside of your comfort zone. I hate comfort zone. And I always strive to be outside of it but I think I sometimes unconsciously stay there – especially when it comes to every day situation.  So I watched the talk and signed up for his Comfort Zone Crusher course. For 7 days, I’ll be give various challenges to master which are aimed to get me outside of my comfort zone in everyday situations. Can’t wait! Join me here, it’s free! 

Go Green, Go Wheatgrass

I gone Wheatgrass and I like it. This green powder hides some great health benefits such helping your digestive system. Maybe placebo effect, maybe not but I haven’t experienced bloating in a while. So go, alkalise yourself and let me know how you find it.  

GoPro stand

This guy is a genius! 

The best notepad ever!

The top buy of this week goes to… This white leather notepad.  With this quote. For £7!!!   Thanks TK Maxx

Top Finds - White Leather Notepad with a quote

Quote of the day

A bit of Vaynerchuk lovin’… I’ll never get enough of this guy! #GaryForPresident  


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Must-read article

I nicked it from Tim Ferris – a tip top article if you want to be a writer (all bloggers please read)


What about you? Have you recently stumbled across some cool stuff? Spill the beans below…

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