FlipBelt REVIEW and GIVEAWAY – A Must-Have Running Belt

I officially hate these little pockets with no zips…I bet it was a non-runner who invented them as they utterly useless. full stop!

Imagine this…you want to buy yourself a nice running shorts or a pair of tights but there is this BUT… There is a little pocket without a zip for your door key or, even better, there is no pocket at all. WTF!!! I’m not talking about shorts/skort/tights you use for races as you can use drop bags but the kit for your summer training. I like heading out for a run as lightweight as possible but there are two things I can’t leave my house without; my house key and a phone (okay sometimes it’s just the key that I need). I used to carry an iPod but, since I’m lazy when it comes to downloading music, I switched to Spotify (YES, I now pay for music) and listen to music on my iPhone (which is much bigger and heavier than the little Steve’s Pod). And although I totally love my Salomon S Lab advance skin bag I use it for my longer, 3+ hour runs.

So what’s the best way to carry these 2 essential things on my shorter sessions? Well, running in the winter is okay as more layers usually mean a jacket with a proper zip pockets but comes summer and I’m lost. I have a few race belts, but they’re quite bulky and not exactly the thing I want to wear for my 10th hill rep. And no, I don’t like those armbands with velcro that rubs your skin all day long. Sometimes I put on a vest/gilet which has got 2 zip pockets but that isn’t the ideal solution; nope, you don’t need an extra layer on a hot day. Another summer, another search for some magic thing that would solve my how-to-carry-my-phone-and-key issue…

God. Bless. FlipBelt.

Last week I finally found it!!! It’s called the FlipBelt, the most super-simplistic yet the most genius running belt ever! A total runner’s must-have, seriously this little piece of fabric with a few pockets and a strap for a key made my summer running attire complete. I no longer need to favour some of my running kit over the ones without pockets.

I’ve seen it at a few running/triathlon expos this year but I thought it’s again one of those products made for everyone else but runners! I obviously didn’t pay attention to it which was a massive mistake as my running life could have been ‘flipbelt-good’ much earlier.

Give credit where credit is due... I need to thank to Mr Navesey (@ultra_paulo) who convinced me. He did the Hoka Highland Fling ultra, came second and ran with the FlibBelt.

The FlipBelt was brilliant. Used it for the Fling so had it on for 7 hours with gels, phone & foil blanket. Didn’t bounce at all and gels went in/out no problem.

So far I’ve been using it it for my threshold runs and hill reps sessions with no problems at all. It doesn’t bounce, slide up/down or move around; it does sit just perfectly even with a heavier load (gels, phone and keys). You can wear it slightly lower on your hips or higher on your waist – which ever way really…The only way is FlipBelt

Although it’s not 100% waterproof, I tried it when it was raining cats and dogs; just put it a bit higher on my waist and underneath my t-shirt – phone happily survived.

The FlipBelt: Key Features


The FlipBelt is made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend making it a featherweight! The material is also super stretchy and you can comfortably fit even iPhone 6+ inside as well as 8 to 10 energy gels, and keys.

4 pockets/holes

There are four pockets, holes to be exact, where you can put all your running essentials. If I run only with a phone, I use the rear pocket so it sits on my back rather than front.

Key holder/strap

This is genius little feature that I love the most and, if you’re like me –  specialist in losing keys, you will love it too. Clip on your key and go! Plus, the strap is stretchy so you can open the doors without the unclipping your key.


The FlipBelt comes in 10 colour options so you can pick and mix so it matches your running wardrobe (I went for the carbon colour).

Colours: Black, Carbon, Neon Punch, Violet, Royal Blue, Aqua, Hot Pink, Nuclear Yellow and Neon Green

FlipBelt UK Review - Colour Options


The belt is unisex but make sure you pick the right size so it doesn’t ride up or, in the better case, down. Depending on your size and the way you want to wear it (waist or hips) you can pick from five sizes from XS to XL.

  • Low on your hips, go up a size.
  • On or above your hips, go true to size.
  • On your natural waist, go down a size.

I went for the size small at first which worked quite well when I wore it on my waist. However, I decided to go for Medium so I can wear it lower and fit in much more without being it too tight. So I would recommend opting for a bigger size. But best would be to check this FlipBelt size chart 


You can get this magic belt for £25 on the official website or from retailers such as At-Your-Pace, Achilles Heel, Front Runner. Or you can win one in my giveaway (see details below) – Enter and Win!

How to use the FlipBelt

Time to get flipping… or how to use the FlipBelt. There are no zips, only 4 holes where you put your on-the-go essentials. To keep them secure, simply slide them inside the belt and then flip it over, that’s why the name.

No bulk. No bounce. 

FlipBelt - The Running Belt Review - things you can fit inside


The FlipBelt offers a sleek way for carrying your essentials while running. You can easily fit in your phone, oyster and credit cards, keys, gels and whatever you like. I’m not sure I would wear to the gym, I don’t really see a point really – that’s what lockers are made for, right?


I do work a lot at events and try to always wear something with pockets for the phone and key but FlipBelt is going to work its magic. The same goes for summer festivals – a little secret pocket

WIN FlipBelt

Here’s your chance to get your ‘hips/waist’ on the this magic belt – I’ve got one FlipBelt to give away to you, my smashing readers and followers – so you can test it for yourself. There are a few ways to get extra entries below – the competition will close on Sunday 7 June 2015  at which point a winner will be chosen at random!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FlipBelt Review - key strap

The FlipBelt Review by an ultra trail runner

FlipBelt Review by Ultra runner - gels, keys and bars

Wearing FlipBelt on my trail running shorts

FlipBelt review and Giveaway

Hands-on Review of FlipBelt by ultra runner


How do you carry your running essentials? Have you tried FlipBelt?



I was given the FlipBelt free of charge but the opinions are my own and the review is 100% honest. 

Lenka Istvanova


  1. Why would I like a flipbelt? WELL, I always think “I wish it had more pockets!” on every piece of kit I review or buy. I carry a LOT on the run, and it turns out I’m damaging my phone by popping it in my sports bra… oops!

  2. This looks great, I have a iPhone arm holder, but it does rub on my arm if I’m out for longer runs, and I can’t carry much in it except the phone and my key.

  3. I only started going to the Gym 3 months ago and am LOVING it but I do tend to have my locker key on a piece of ribbon and wear it around my wrist which is annoying, and also if I’m doing back to back classes I take my phone with me so this would be fantastic! Also good for walking the hills in the lakes when I go in September for phone, money lipsalve….!!

  4. Right now I run with an armband but it gets super sweaty, its either too tight or too loose, and it can only carry one small key. I need something with more storage room.

  5. I would like to try so I can stop worrying about loosing my keys when I’m out running!!!

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