My Ginger Orange – Edgy Leggings From East London

Give a girl the right leggings, and she will conquer the world’
[me, adapted from Marilyn Monroe]

A couple of years ago there was a real shortage of colourful running tights. Black, blue and shades of grey were the only colours available. Let’s not forget about the non-availability of different prints and designs. As much as I can remember, Nike, Adidas and Asics were the only brands producing quality sport tights. It was really hard to find some technical leggings with cool prints and designs. That ‘shortage’ was also the reason why my Pinterest board – ‘Fashion Running Tights’ was born. I wanted to bookmark all the no-black-not-boring tights so I could go back (whenever I managed to save up) and buy pair by pair.

Fast forward to 2015 and boy things have changed. We are surrounded by thousands of different styles, designs and colours. Brands keep popping out like flowers after rain and I lost count of them. Some brands are good and produce quality tights but some are just waste of money. The design/colour/print is the only good thing about them.

I’ve been asked by many of those companies to try and test their products but, unfortunately, majority of them fit into the latter category. So I was a bit skeptical when I was contacted by ‘another’ brand. But, My Ginger Orange was different from the first look. I work in digital and so I always judge by the website; for me a good website suggests good products. The girls from My Ginger Orange definitely passed my web-test. I also love their values and THE DESIGNS are killing me! My Ginger Orange is based in edgy East London so the designs are eye-catchy, bold, colourful and unique.

My Ginger Orange Leggings - Unique Sport Leggings -

Plus they don’t try to flock the market with thousands and thousands of pairs at once. For now, they came up with six amazing pairs (three special edition and three classic pairs) which are designed to spice up your adventures, whether it’s your usual yoga or hike up the next Col. 

The Three Special Edition Leggings

You can pick from three different styles (special edition) and three classic, one-colour leggings. Special edition leggings were designed to suit your personality and so you should go for the pair that matches you the best. There was no option to combine two (one leg of Sakura No Hana design and one of Dreamboat Duchess) so I decided to go for the ones made for me, ehm the femme fatale. 

My Ginger Orange - Sakura No Hana Leggings

Sakura No Hana

These beauties would suit powerful, sultry, and demure femme fatale. 

Dreamboat Duchess

If you are independent, strong and sexy woman who isn’t afraid to stand out, then these are for you!

La Reina Mora 

These leggings are specifically made for bare-foot hippies and rebel yogis.


The fit

As they say, it’s not about the look… I couldn’t agree more especially when it comes to sport leggings. No one wants to exercise in poor quality tights which don’t fit. I put My Ginger Orange leggings to test during my dynamic flow yoga class and also when I was cycling to/from work. I like high waisted legging as they don’t ride up or down when you do those crazy yoga postures. I didn’t have to keep pulling them up or anything like that.

My Ginger Orange Leggings - Sakura No Hana during Yoga

The fabric is quite thick but still stretchy and not see-through. Your yoga classmates can sleep safe and sound – nope, they won’t be able to see your panties. Overall, these beauties made my wardrobe-cut and I’ll give them a go on my runs when it gets a bit cooler.


Sakura No Hana Leggings in action

Key Features:

  • Fabric: 73% Polyester/ 27 % Spandex which means high stretch, shape retention and the required support on late evening runs or early morning pilates classes
  • A concealed key pocket in the front of the waistband
  • Flatlock seams for comfort and prevention from chafing
  • Anti-piling, moisture-wicking fabric
  • PRICE: £69

Xmas is coming so perhaps time to get yourself or your friend a pair. Check out My Ginger Orange website and shop away – they worth it!  


My Ginger Orange Leggings - La Reina Mora


So the question is which one would you go for? 



I was given a pair of My Ginger Orange tights free of charge but the opinions are my own and the review is 100% honest. 

Lenka Istvanova

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