Review: Ultralife Recovery Powder Mix – Part 1

Ultralife Recovery Powder Mix Review - Part 1Over-training for my first Ultra marathon was a lesson I will never forget. This bad experience showed me that overtraining really leads to injuries and therefore a proper recovery is a must. I’ve now adjusted my training plan so it always includes 1 or 2 ‘lazy days’ where I do nothing and leave my muscles to rest and recover.

Foam roller, Deep Heat Muscle Rub and regular physio visits and sport massages are now fully integrated in my running life and I try to do everything I can to speed up the recovery.

When Chemist Direct contacted me and asked if I was interested in trying the Ultralife Recovery, my reaction was ‘What? Recovery, Oh Yes Please, I would love to….

Ultralife Recovery is designed to re-energise and aids muscle repair and it’s therefore ideal to drink after intense training session. This Recovery formula helps to increase muscle mass and delay muscular fatigue. Ultralife Recovery contains 11 key Vitamins to replenish crucial lost vitamin stores which are depleted during exercise.


Ultralife Recovery Protein Mix Cherry - Review

Main Benefits of Ultralife Recovery


  • It repairs your body after intense workouts
  • It helps to build lean muscle
  • It’s perfect for use after intense workout/run
  • It quickly replenishes Glycogen reserves which helps to reduce recovery time
  • It boosts muscular strength, power output and mass
  • It has low GI
  • It’s vegetarian friendly and 98% Lactose free
  • It has no artificial colourings, flavouring or flavour enhancers

Nutritional Facts


  • Whey Protein from high fraction Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate delivering 25 grams of High Quality Protein
  • It also have 62 grams of carbs to quickly replenish Glycogen reserves
  • β-Hydroxy β-methylbutyric acid (HMB), N-Acetyl L-Glutamine, Glucosamine & Chondrontin for Recovery, Repair & Protection
  • Kre-Alkalyn Buffered Creatine Monohydrate pH12+ & ZMA to provide strength, energy, stamina, endurance and muscle mass.
  • Glycocarn and Taurine to aide athletic performance
  • Beta-Alanine to boost muscular strength, powder output, increase muscle mass and delay muscle fatigue.


Chemist Direct sent me one box/container of Ultralife Recovery Cherry Flavour which consisted of 10 sachets. According to directions I should have 1 sachet 2 or 3 times a day which I thing is too much as these sachets are quite big. Well, every sachet is 105.4 grams and it should be mixed with 400ml of water but I suppose you can mix it with milk too.

I’m planning to test this Recovery formula after long runs and track sessions and reviewing the taste and the ‘job’ in my second part….coming soon 🙂



*The sample of the product mentioned were supplied to me free of charge however this review is 100% honest and of my own opinion. I was not influenced in any way by the free product supplied and do not promote this product more than other products that I have not reviewed. 

Lenka Istvanova

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