Top 7 Cafes For Your Perfect Post-Run Coffee

What’s your favourite thing to do after your long Saturday or Sunday runs? Mine is going for a coffee! Long run early in the morning followed by a freshly brewed cup of coffee pretty much sums up my perfect weekend. 

Ain’t no better recovery than a freshly brewed flat white in a nice little cafe somewhere in London.

The problem is that there are so many cool little cafés in London and so little time. One day Rodney…I will try them all!. But not every coffee is a good coffee. One may think that there is nothing that can go wrong with it…but that’s not true. There is whole lot of science going on behind the perfect cup of coffee. And although I’m not an expert, having lived with a real Italian for over 4 years I’ve learned quite a lot about this magical drink. One can say I’m a bit posh when it comes to my coffee – flat whites, espresso and lattes is where my are my expertise lies. Since I moved to London I’ve been trying to explore new cafes every other weekend. With the training, racing and work weekends this is still a big struggle however I always aim to visit 2-3 new cafes every month. 

I’ve got quite a big list of cafes I’ve tested so far but not every one has tickled my ‘coffee fancy’ tho. Here’s the list of my recommended places you should definitely visit for that perfect weekend post-run recovery coffee.  

Sable d’Or Cafe 


MUSWELL HILL: 249 Muswell Hill Broadway,  N10 1DE


This is one of my usual cafes I often go to as it’s in Muswell Hill which is very close to where I live. Flat white is the winner here together with gluten and wheat free almond brownie (see below). They have also a massive selection of fresh salads and other. The owner is very friendly and kind – always put a big smile when I visit 😉 


Sable D'Or Cafe in Muswell Hill - Best Post Run Cafes

Sable D'Or Muswell Hill - Serving Homemade Brunch and Lunch menu

Sable D'Or Muswell Hill - Gluten and Wheat Free Almond Brownie

Image credits: Sable d’Or 

The Haberdashery Cafe / Restaurant 


CROUCH END: 22 Middle Lane, London N8 8PL


The best dairy-free coffee! This is actually one of a few places where they will make you a coffee with almond milk. However this place is not only about coffee. Amazing breakfast, brunches and more are available at very reasonable price. Last time I ordered their Warming Bowl of Porridge (see below) and it was D E L I C I O U S. Also, your food will be served on mismatched vintage dishes which is quite cool. 


The Perfect Flat White With Almond Milk in London at The Haberdashery

Warming Bowl of Porridge - The Haberdashery cafe

The Haberdashery Cafe - Food

The Haberdashery Cafe - Your Best Post Run Coffee Place

Images credits: Haberdashery

The Good Life Eatery


CHELSEA: 59 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DH UK
MARYLEBONE: 69 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2PH  


I love places, things and stuff that do exactly what it says on the tin…Good Life Eatery is one of those! Chelsea’s cafe / restaurant aims to make you happy and healthy in equal measure, including vegetarians and vegans! This is one of the cafes where you will want to order everything, from cold pressed juices, poached eggs to cakes! And everything is great! Every time I go there I always order something different BUT you must try the COCOBUTTER smoothie… it’s heaven! I dare you to check their Instagram account before you go there. DON’T do it now unless you can be there in the next 5mins or so. 

PS: The good news is that they opened their second cafe in Marylebone. So if you’re not fan of Made in Chelsea and its lookalikes head to 69 Marylebone Lane! The second good news is that you can order online if you work/live close enough. 


The Good Life Eatery - Top 7 Cafes for your post-run coffee

Best Post-Run Coffee - Good Life Eatery - food menu collageImages credits: The Good Life Eatery



La Coppia


BOUNDS GREEN: 135 Myddleton Road, London, N22 8NG


This is the cafe where you will find me every single Friday after my morning yoga. It’s Bowes Park yoga club ritual – yoga then coffee + croissant = the perfect Friday combo! I love my Fridays! I guess the only cafe which opens from 7am – typical Italian atmosphere and amazing real Italian coffee. Tiny place but very welcoming and family-like location. Feel free to stop by for a shot of typical espresso like you would have in Rome! La Coppia is also a deli where you can stuff your bag with authentic Italian food such as pasta, olive oil and wine. This cafe is very close to my heart as I absolutely love Italian culture and would love to live there for 2-3 years. 


The Best Friday Morning Espresso at La Coppia on Myddleton Road

Top Cafes for your post-run coffee - La Coppia cafe opens from 7am

La Coppia Cafe on Myddleton Road in North London - The Perfect Combo

La Coppia Deli and Cafe on Myddleton Road - Authentic Italian Food

La Coppia Cafe on Myddleton Road in North London

Images credits: La Coppia 

Caravan Restaurant, Bar & Roastery


KINGS CROSS: 1, Granary Building, Granary Square, London N1C 4AA


If you are travelling from/to KX and have a bit of time to spare then head to Caravan. You’ll find delicious food and coffee topped with a superb view. Fancy a picnic style cup of coffee? Order takeaway and sit down on the green by the canal. Great coffee and even better brunch menu! A total go-to place if you’re nearby KX.


Granary Square, Kings Cross Central

Caravan Cafe and Restaurant - Kings Cross

Images credits: Caravan



BERMONDSEY: 163-167 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UW


You need to visit this place just because of the name. A brilliant little coffee place in the heart of beautiful Bermondsey. All their products are either homemade or organic, the atmosphere is chilled and relaxed, This cafe is always packed but worth the wait. Homemade food and cakes accompanied by the perfect flat white or latte is a good choice for your next weekend. The best name and the best loyalty cards under the sun. 

No website or menu ;( 

Fuckoffee in Bermondsey - Top Cafes for your post-run coffee

Fuckoffee in Bermondsey - the best loyalty card

The Step

The Step is my another local cafe/restaurant literally one minute from where I live. It was the first place I went to when I first moved to London and it was love at first sight! Great little gem on Myddleton road with homemade food and cakes – latte, sweet potatoe chips and chocolate brownie are a must! It offers live music, workshops and a lot more. So when you come to visit me this is the first place I’d show you.


The Step Cafe - Myddleton Road - Chocolate Brownie

The Step - Myddleton Road - dish

Images credits: The Step (from Facebook page)

The Gallery Cafe 


BETHANAL GREEN: St. Margarets House Settlement, 21 Old Ford Rd, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PL


I’ve been here only once but I can totally see myself visiting here very soon (this weekend to be exact!). The Gallery Cafe’s menu is packed with vegetarian and any item on their menu can be served as a vegan option. Veggie and Vegan runners this is your spot! A big garden will accomodate all of your run club mates as well. They also host a variety of live music nights, film screenings, comedy, etc. 


The Gallery Cafe - entrance - Top Cafes For Post-Run Coffee

The Gallery Cafe - Top Cafes For Post-Run Coffee 

Next on my Cafes-to-visit List

//  26GRAINS 

// Tymberyard

// Hackney Coffee Co.

// The Canvas Cafe

For the full list check out my Twitter list here

Now it’s your turn! What’s your favourite cafe for the perfect post-run coffee and why? All suggestions welcome 😉

Lenka Istvanova


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