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Here is my very irregular dose of  TOP FINDS, a list of what I’m enjoying or pondering at the moment including new conference, bars, race and more!

Need to buy

Two yellow notebooks for a big thinker. These notebooks introduce two of the world’s Big Thinkers: Nietzsche & Freud, their name emblazoned on the front, with the inside blank for your own ideas. Cool! I’m sold. 

Yellow Notebooks for Thinkers - The Shool Of Life

Need to read

If you’re into Indie mag junkie, you need to go and visit Mag Culture and Kiosk Cafe. Two great places full of cool magazines. 

Need to run

Ultra Tour Monte Rosa – created by ultra running legend Lizzy Hawker. It looks stunning and hard at the same time. In fact, the 2017 edition will be apparently harder than UTMB! I’m running the route with Lizzy in August so will keep you posted.

UTMR offers two outstanding races in one of the world’s fastest growing sports; a 3 stage race for those who like to savour the experience, and a one stage ultramarathon for the seasoned runner looking for a serious challenge. 

UTMR = 116K & 7500m ascent beneath awe-inspiring 4000m summits including the iconic MATTERHORN!

Run Mountain Trail Race created by Lizzy Hawker - Ultra Tour Monte Rosa

New Bars on the block

I was sent Max’s Protein Bars, new protein bars to try and to my surprise they do taste really good. I mean really good. Made of natural ingredients, not e-numbers filled stuff and very different to normal protein bars or the bars I’ve tried to date.

Check them out; 

  • 17g of protein, although the white chocolate 60g bar has got 11g of sugars. 
  • coconut oil instead of hydrogenated oils
  • gluten free
  • free of artificial preservatives
  • whey protein from grass fed cows


New conference 

new conference - women's adventure expo

Women’s Adventure Expo is the UK’s first adventure & travel Expo dedicate to Women. It’s happening in Bristol in October and yes, males are also allowed. The tickets will be going on sale sometime this month so keep an eye out on their website and Twitter.

I’m going! 



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