Changing To Strict Low Carbohydrate Regime Has Effects

Ah the thorny subjects of diet and fitness creep into everyone’s minds whenever we are approaching times of festivity such as Christmas or Easter and all the others we are able to enjoy these days.  Each has it’s own foods with particular flavours and favours.   Each also has a rather nasty habit of staying with us long after the actual event, by way of extra inches on the waist and hip areas.  I personally find myself dreading this aspect as, unless I employ super human powers of discipline and willpower, I need to double up my gym sessons and do more walking.  My joints particularly moan when I put weight on – the ankles, knees and hips struggle with stairs and anything beyond a minor incline.   However, I have made myself try a different approach to eating and I must be honet, without this, I would be in more agony than I am most of the time.    I try to implement a pretty low carbohydrate intake – it’s no a fad, I have actually proven its effectiveness in my own personal case.  I have also discovered along the way that I may have an intolerance to a couple of foods, as these have high carbs and by leaving them out, familiar patterns of pain and difficulty seem to also disappear.


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