Crazy Running Gear To Buy This April

…Yeah it’s April already!!! For me April is always a crazy month, you know, you’ve got this April Fools’ day, the weather is also crazy and very ‘spontaneous’ and crazy-shit happens always to me in April.
So to ‘celebrate’ this month in style I came up with this list of running gear that’s crazy – meaning crazy colours, style, price, etc. Continue Reading

Confession Of A Cycle Commuter – My 10 Surprising Takeaways


Ready, Steady, Cycle to Work!

Ready, Steady, Cycle to Work!

I’m a morning person and love waking up early, full stop!  I think this BuzzFeed article about signs that you’re a morning person sums it up pretty well. But what I love even more is running early before work. I’ve been a morning runner for quite a while until I got injured. Well, I basically did a typical pre-school running mistake and I over -trained. I think that over 100K on a weekly basis with no days-off for over 60 days is really not a good idea. But hey, I learned my lesson here. Continue Reading

Beth Tweddle and Sky Sport Chat on Twitter – Disgusting Responses

Sky Sports News held a Twitter chat with the World Champion gymnast and Olympic medalist Beth Tweeddle allowing people to ask Beth anything. You would thing that yeah normal interview through Twitter where reporters are people themselves. It’s been done many times by many companies, so what can go wrong really? Plus Beth is a very successful and inspirational athlete. Continue Reading