Worldwide Eating Habits & Poor Diet Having Consequences

Diet – such a small word but with such importance in our lives, both personally and globally.  It seems incredible to me that our parents and grandparents were growing up after the second world war, after all the privations and rationing that brought the country almost to its knees.  From the end of rationing for a few years, there was a trend to serve hearty meals of meat, vegetables – and here we mean potatoes, carrots, cabbages etc.  All the things that we can grow so well and in moderation are all very good for us.    Even in europe, as they too pulled themselves up from the depths, their diets were formed from what was grown naturally around them.  In the med, there is a known link between eating lots of pure virgin olive oil and lower heart disease rates.  Families ate mostly pasta, spaghetti, tomatoes and lighter salad crops but all with the essential olive oil.   We started getting problems with obesity once the tv adverts showed us all the processed food we could now have.  At the time these processed items were sold as healthy and good for us whilst being easy to cook and serve.  They cut out the real foods stuffs that we should have kept up instead.   Some children now have no idea what a carrot looks like, or where it comes from.  The most veg they see are a tiny bit of limp salad with a burger, or a spoonful of peas with an eatery delivery.    The cholesterol levels are going up alarmingly, as is diet based diabetes.   We need to go back to simple unprocessed foods, have multi vitamins, green tea and turmeric  and virgin olive oil on salads.  A simple start!


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